Official Selection

It official, an official selection I mean.
The Booker will be screened at the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival.
This has special significance for us and me personally. We're an Atlanta company, I (mike) was raised here, and I've submitted to AFF 3 times and been turned away. So, I'm feeling pretty good about myself and the crew is pumped that we all get to wear tuxedos to the premier.

Yes, the 2012 Atlanta Film Fest will be our premier.
Why not, Tribecca, Palm Beach, Sundance?

Because, you don't take the new baby to see people, the people must first come to see the new baby.
And our baby is from Atlanta.


AFF festival_laurels_2012

Over 4000 Views!

Just a quick note to brag on ourselves here a bit. We uploaded the trailer for The Booker Thursday evening. All fine and well, look at us with our trailer on the internet! Then it got picked up by a few wrestling blogs and from there it just took off. Needless to say we're quite proud of it and happy to know that people from all around the world are seeing it, even it it's only .00000000001 percent of the global population.


Movie Trailer for The Booker

After a few weeks of dancing around it, we finally hunkered down and made a trailer for The Booker. That is, Alex did. I helped, but he did the heavy lifting of finding the quotes and setting the framework of the piece.
So here it is, in all it's glory!


The Booker -Trailer- from Mike Perkins on Vimeo.

The Booker DVD Cover

We've been on a design tear here as of late. And here is the latest offering , The Booker DVD cover.
We're going to print up about 50 or so copies to give to the people who helped out with the movie as well as some press folks. None to sell I'm afriad. You just have to wait.